2020 witnessed the most significant transformation in the workspace than ever, with offices shut due to COVID-19 and people working remotely from different corners of the globe. This “work from home” culture led to the rise of online all-company collaboration software, making it an essential feature of the modern workplace. Nowadays, most small, big, or multinational organizations have employees working from different locations. Thus, collaboration software can fix all the complications a remote workplace can face, from communication, payroll, project management, and whatnot. 

Let us check out the top 5 benefits your business can receive from using online collaboration software. 

1. Less Time and More Efficiency 

You may be surprised that a survey reveals that a typical employee spends around 3 hours daily drafting emails. However, when used rightly, online collaborative software can help you get rid of irrelevant emails, making the communication process smooth. By logging in to one secure digital platform, the team members can access all the necessary information and save their precious time browsing through lengthy email exchanges. 

2. Extremely Cost-Effective 

An online all-company collaboration software is more cost-effective than you can imagine. A business requires a lot of money for equipment, space, and electricity in traditional office space. However, when the employees work remotely, the company can cut down on all these costs, making more profit with less investment. Even online collaboration tools can help your organization save the time and cost of human resources management with one efficient tool for onboarding, payroll, and performance monitoring, making it an ideal employee management software for small businesses.  

3. Enhanced Security Features

With online collaboration software, the users’ data are protected like never before with encryptions, password protection, firewalls, and a two-step verification process. Therefore, your business can function securely without the fear of data leakage. 

4. Increased Productivity

Online collaboration tools allow team members to work from their preferred locations at home or while traveling. So, it includes lesser scope of downtime, allowing the employees to be more productive according to their suitable time. A recent research study by Deloitte proves that three-quarters of those employees working with collaborative online tools saw an increased productivity rate of 20 – 25%. 

5. Project Management 

One of the biggest perks of collaborative online work includes the facility of preserving all the project materials and communications with external parties on one platform. It means there will be fewer chances of losing track of information, documents, and work progress. Therefore, no matter your project size, you can be sure of handling it at a much quicker pace through a simple and cost-effective procedure. 

Collabey is an excellent work management platform that works as an efficient employee management software for small businesses, making it easier for companies to track employees, projects, and teams simultaneously. With the goal of supporting small businesses in achieving their desired goals, Collabey offers a secure and affordable platform where employees and team members of an organization can collaborate seamlessly, eliminating the barriers of time, location and communication.